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Trust your instinct, as it will invariably be right or very close to the mark.

The motivational reasons for committing fraud are: living beyond one's means, greed, high personal debt, a challenge to beat the sytsem, gambling / drug dependency, undue family or peer pressure, getting even. Do any of these factors apply?

Some basic facts about fraud are: 75% are committed by fraudsters aged between 26-45 years old, 75% are committed by staff employed <10 years in the victim's company, 30% involve collusion, males are more likely to collude, females commit smaller frauds, higher educated frausters commit bigger frauds, only about 10% of fraudsters are prosecuted and of those 95% are convicted.  Do any of these factors apply? 

Remember, there is no such thing as a small fraud, there are only frauds that haven't had sufficient time to grow. 

So get the answers, proof, evidence and assurance you need by contacting  FIG Group Ltd now to arrange a confidential and obligation-free meeting.  

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