FIG Group Ltd specialises in providing fraud investigation, detection and prevention services and advice to a range of clients including corporate entities, government departments, barristers and solicitors, trustees and beneficiaries, partnerships and individuals who suspect they have been, or might become the victim of fraud or some other form of dishonesty.

The Company and its principal director, John Wylie (B.Com, Certified Fraud Examiner) are based in Auckland, New Zealand. Although the Company carries out most of its work in the top half of the North Island, it does conduct assignments  for clients located elsewhere.

The expertise provided by FIG Group is based on over 30 years experience gained from previous employment as an investigating accountant – either in private practice as a forensic investigator; as a senior investigating accountant for the Serious Fraud Office and the Corporate Fraud Unit of the Dept of Justice; as the group internal manager for Winstone Ltd, and prior to that, as an auditor in one of the big 4 accounting firms based in Auckland and London.

FIG Group maintains a close professional relationship with other experts in the field and is therefore able to bring the right qualities to the job each time. These experts include forensic computer technicians; liquidators; barristers and solicitors; camera surveillance technicians; and an  extensive network of senior ex-police investigators / licensed private investigators.

FIG Group welcomes the opportunity to meet with you on a confidential and obligation free basis to discuss the areas of concern you have. After an initial meeting, FIG can normally provide an action plan and estimate of the likely costs to carry out the assignment. FIG's charge-out rates are very reasonable and are significantly below the rates charged by the established accounting and auditing firms, who often provide inexperienced trainees (or students) that you are effectively training. The range of services offered by FIG are set out in 'Services'.

Act now by contacting FIG Group Ltd on telephone 021-385300 or by email at fig@actrix.co.nz

The categories of fraud typically investigated by FIG Group include: 

♦   Payments made to bogus suppliers / employees   ♦   On-line banking fraud

♦   Cheque forgery   ♦  Inflated expense claims  ♦  Bribes and kickbacks    ♦   False CV's  

♦   Conflict of interest scenarios     ♦  Falsification of computer stored data

♦   Serious misconduct and breach of trust issues     ♦  Restraint of trade issues

♦   Misappropriation of cash, inventory, other assets    ♦   Misrepresented financial data

♦   Diverted income streams    ♦  False credits / refunds ♦  Mis-use of assets / information

A SPECIAL OFFER - Why not take up FIG Group's special offer to carry out a comprehensive review of your company's risk exposure to internal or external fraud? The review process focuses on areas traditionally ripe for fraud and is based on skills and experience gained while dealing with fraud scenarios over the last 25 years. FIG Group Ltd is happy to provide an estimate of cost. It will be money well spent as it will deter, prevent or uncover fraud and it will provide 'peace of mind' assurance that you are not going to be an unwitting victim.